Projects around the world

At Global Shout, we strive to help those in need around the world attain the essential goods, tools, and expertise to improve their livelihoods and those of their families and communities sustainably in the long term. We have performed projects in far reaching parts of the globe, including Nepal, India, Ecuador, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and so on. Through fundraising and field work, we have established mobile clinics testing for tropical diseases and providing acute medical treatment, schools for underprivileged kids and orphans, given access to water for whole communities through boreholes and wells, and countless other philanthropic endeavors. There is no person too small and no problem too big for us to tackle. You may join us either by filling out the form below and offering your skills to the team, or by donating on the accompanying fundraiser sites of each individual projects. We are always looking for help, as no one can change the world alone, but with the power of people, we can shift mountains.

Afghan Girl’s School Food Assistance & Women Self- Sufficiency
Women’s rights activist, psychologist, and 2021 Afghan evacuee Wida Saber has dedicated herself to taking up this unprecedented humanitarian crisis
Afghan Refugee Resettlement Project
Assisting Afghan refugees with goods, food, medical care, and basic necessities as they arrive and resettle in the United States after the end of the U.S. war
Aliabad Teaching
Working together with the medical staff to rebuild, expand, and equip this prestigious teaching hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. With your help and generous donations, we could give new life to this institution.
The Chibok Girls Education Fund
With the assistance of local school teachers, the young schoolgirls of Chibok who were victims of kidnapping by terrorists are now finishing their high school and college degrees.
Tudun Wada School rebuilding
Financial and engineering assistance to rebuild and equip this local village school for 1500 students. Read about our journey to help bring about new hope to these children.
Korean Reunification Project
Through diplomatic discussions with the South Korean government, the North Korean counterpart allowed reunification of families over the past couple years as relations thawed between the neighbors.
Say No to Drug Abuse Initiative
Many corners of the globe have drug problems. At Global Shout, we have dedicated ourselves to some of the hardest hit regions including Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Philippines
Rohingya Identity Reclamation Project
Advocating for safe repatriation, reclamation of land, and citizenship of Rohingya ethnic group in homeland of Rakhine state, Myanmar from current refugee status in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh.