Afghan Girl’s School Food Assistance & Afghan Women Self-Sufficiency

Working together with Afghan evacuee Wida Saber to help those in need

Afghan Girl's School Food Assistance

   Afghan women and children are critical victims in the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan. Due to war, many fathers, husbands, and sons have been lost or had to flee the country leaving women as the heads of household and breadwinners for their families.  As the conflict escalated further in 2021 placing the Taliban in charge, women have been prohibited to work in most private sectors and were completely removed from public sector jobs eliminating their ability to provide for their families.

The current political environment, severe drought, the impacts of COVID 19, rising food prices and the escalating conflict have led to severe food insecurity throughout Afghanistan.  The United Nations World Food Programme estimates that more than 50% of Afghans face acute hunger and 95% of households do not have enough to eat. 8.7 million people are on the brink of starvation and 1.1 million children are at risk of severe malnutrition this year.

Global Shout volunteer, women’s rights activist, psychologist, and 2021 Afghan evacuee Wida Saber has dedicated herself to taking up this unprecedented humanitarian crisis to provide a voice for those who are unable to be heard in this urgent cause. She is working with a circle of brave, volunteer women educators from an all-girls school in Kabul that has been closed down by the Taliban.  They have been able to work with the local Naivi (county) to identify families in need and obtain food packages for the survival of their families.  Additionally, they are assisting local public hospitals to supply food for malnourished, hospitalized children as these hospitals are not funded to provide food to patients.  $50 is enough to feed an average family for 1 month.  Right now, the group is serving 42 families but hope to identify and support many more.  Your generous donations are gratefully received to assist Wida in her tireless effort to help these vulnerable families in crisis.  100% of donations go to providing food assistance in Afghanistan.

• According to the United Nations, 97% of Afghans could be impoverished by mid-2022.
• Prices of basic items including food are skyrocketing. By late 2021 nearly half of Afghans were experiencing crisis levels of food insecurity, a 37% increase from the prior 6 months. 1.1 million Afghan children are at risk of severe malnutrition in 2022
• Throughout 2022, it is estimated that 55% of Afghans will face acute food insecurity including nearly 9 million people at emergency levels, one step before famine conditions.

How can I help?
• Please consider a generous and recurring donation to The Afghan Girls School Food Assistance Project headed by one of our amazing volunteers and recent Afghan evacuee, Wida Saber.
• Location of the school cannot be disclosed to protect the safety of the girls and volunteers.

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Afghan Women Self-Sufficiency Program

Our goal is to help Afghan women and families to become self sufficient and have a better chance to experience upward mobility and financial stability. Global Shout as a non-profit organization under the Afghan Girl’s School Food Assistance project has started several really strong human-women services programs whose combined social impact not only reaches 42 of families who need help, but also provides opportunities to hundreds of women who want to connect and make a difference. Throughout the year, we produce innovative human-women services programs that transform individual donations into a singular force against the suffering and instability experienced by families that have faced financial collapse.
$500 is enough to make an Afghan women self sufficient and save life of a family and a community.
Developing a Real World Plan – Women self-sufficiency Our goal is to help each individual in this program design a clear path to the women that has lost their jobs to be self sufficient in the future, equip them with the tools to start on that path, and then let them know that if they fight for that future, we’ll be there to support them. So we start by ensuring that the individuals lifestyle and thinking are conducive to upward mobility.

With your help and donations, we can make a difference