Say no to drug abuse initiative Afghanistan

Working together to stop the expansion of the drug problem in Kabul, Afghanistan

Continuing the project begun in Nigeria to combat increased incidence of drug abuse among the youth, we will conduct a similar endeavor in Afghanistan, the world’s number one producer of poppy, opium, and heroine. While we think of South America and other regions of the world as the harbingers of doom when it comes to drugs, Afghanistan is the beginning of the global drug trade resulting in the legal and illegal addiction to narcotics in countries as far reaching as China to the United States.

The drug trade in Afghanistan is used to fund and supply fundamentalist groups such as the Taliban, who operate opium farms supported in proxy by the Russian government to create geopolitical chaos in the region reminiscent of Cold War times.

     The victim of these war games are the citizens of the country, who deal with their depression from loss and years of suffering by resorting to drug use. What is not used by locals, is shipped out to supply morphine, codeine, and synthetic fentanyl to both pharmaceutical industries and the illegal black market, making those exporting rich in the process and continuing the warlording and economic discrepancies of a corrupt nation astronomically worse. By educating the masses against the effects of drugs, whether in school classrooms, hospital inpatient units and outpatient clinics, prison facilities, drug rehabilitation centers, or one on one, we can assist in combating maybe the biggest but most ignored problem of this oft neglected and peddled country. Over time we will raise the funds to properly create a drug rehabilitation center with state-of-the-art facilities and equipped with the professional staff that can run cognitive behavioral therapy sessions to allow occupants to achieve full sobriety before venturing back out into the world. Drugs are a global problem, and this initiative could work in many nations. Let’s combat one of the worst and go from there.

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We are currently in the planning stages of this project and will have more information soon.

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