New Year's Eve - Global Shout Style

Sterling, Virginia

Who works New Years Eve? Global Shout does, that's who.

We moved in not one, but two families before the clock struck midnight to ring in 2022! Our volunteers worked tirelessly and efficiently to get everyone settled in and ready to start the new year with comfort and hope for a brighter future. We were rewarded handsomely with home cooked Afghan food that hit the spot right as the fireworks went off in the distance. While it wasn’t Times Square, the consensus across the board was that providing these families with the assistance they needed to get their lives started was the most valuable and rewarding New Year’s Eve any of us had ever experienced. Who needs a resolution when every moment is an opportunity?

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Global Shout is a U.S. based 501(c)3 tax-exempt (EIN#: 85-2382286) non-profit organization originally founded by students at Georgetown University in 2005 as Global S.H.O.U.T. (Students Helping Orphans in Underprivileged Territories). After an early focus strictly on the education and care of orphaned children in third world nations, the organization underwent a gradual shift in scope of humanitarian work, expanding beyond the university and dropping the acronym, with a full rebranding in 2019-20, now operating projects internationally of varying type and purpose.